Before we can effectively lead and take care of others - in our personal and professional worlds - we must first learn to lead ourselves.


When we are stressed, anxious, and angry on the inside, we experience life as frustrating, unsafe, and miserable. We have a limited view of reality and have a difficult time problem solving and being creative.


When we can tap into peace, acceptance, and joy, we experience life as more beautiful, interesting, and energizing. We see more possibilities, and innovation comes more easily. We are also better able to build trust and connect with others.

The Dare to Lead™ curriculum is designed to help you lead yourself and others with more courage and compassion so that you can do your best work and inspire others in the same way. The curriculum was developed by Dr. Brené Brown and her research team, and it is based on 20+ years of research. It includes exercises to increase your self-awareness, build your courage skill sets, and give you practical tools to take back to the people around you.


Altius is currently offering the Dare to Lead curriculum in two formats:

  • 1-on1 Coaching

  • Dare to Lead Intensives (open to public or for intact teams) 

Upon completion, you will be Dare to Lead™ Trained, a distinction that communicates you understand vulnerability, trust, and resilience, and that you are equipped to bravely engage in difficult conversations.












"What I expected to be a typical leadership development course turned into an eye-opening, inspirational regular work session that was the highlight of my week…I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to expand their capacity to work with, learn from, and lead others, whether in business, at home or in their community."

~Cara Martin, COO, Optimized Thermal Systems