MBTI® Coaching Packages: Unleash Your Potential


Many people want to experience MORE growth, success, and fulfillment at work or in life, but are not clear where to focus, what success looks like to them, or where they find the most meaning. Once these questions are answered, the energizing journey towards a better life can begin.  I invite you to start exploring the answers to these questions by learning about your personality type preferences. The exciting news:


You have far more potential than you think.


Welcome to the Altius MBTI Coaching Packages: Unleashing Your Potential. These packages are designed to:


  • Increase your self-awareness. Learn and appreciate more about yourself and what you bring to the world, so you can choose goals and priorities that will bring you the most success.

  • Increase your understanding and appreciation of others. As you learn more about other people’s type preferences, you become better able to connect, earn trust, communicate, collaborate and inspire.

  • Identify your key motivators. Recognize how you are motivated, intrinsically and extrinsically, so you can seek out meaningful opportunities and build momentum.

  • Increase your courage to live and lead more authentically and confidently. This will inspire, build trust, and liberate those around you. It will also give you a greater sense of freedom and fulfillment.

























Executives at Work



  • One online MBTI assessment.

  • One personalized MBTI report.

  • One Introduction to Type booklet.

  • A 90-minute MBTI Debrief/Validation Session (via Zoom or in-person) to confirm your whole type.


Cost: $400

Team Meeting



  • One online MBTI assessment for each team member.

  • One personalized MBTI Report for each team member.

  • A 2 to 3-hour team MBTI debrief session to validate types, discuss type dynamics, and to explore how to apply type theory to increase trust, collaboration, innovation, and communication within the team.


Cost: $700 plus $50 per team member (for materials)

Frequent Concerns Regarding the MBTI


"I have heard the MBTI is not very useful."

If you have heard any negative press regarding the value of the MBTI, it is partly true (yes, I just said that!). The MBTI is somewhat of a mediocre predictor of job performance. However, and please hear this, the MBTI was never intended to predict performance. In fact, using MBTI in this way goes against the spirit behind it. Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers developed the MBTI tool during WWII, when the world was experiencing so much conflict and loss of life. They thought if they could get people to really understand each other better, there would be no more war. So their inspiration was a desire to make the world better, not to make judgments on whether an employee would be successful or not. They wanted to help others find satisfaction in life and reach their potential professionally and personally.

This is the mission that inspires me to no end.


"Why is the assessment so expensive and protected?"

I wondered this, too, until I realized it really does require a well-trained practitioner to deliver meaningful results and application. Someone who has a master’s or doctorate degree may certainly have a solid understanding of statistics, allowing them to understand the development, validity, and reliability of an assessment tool. That’s helpful. However, to deliver MBTI results, it is essential they understand the theory behind the assessment. THAT is where the value lies.  


I did the assessment years ago and don’t recall my letters. It seemed too complicated and/or of limited application to my life.

No offense to the person who delivered and validated your results, but if your experience was underwhelming and didn’t impact your life, it was incomplete. There is a reason why most Fortune 500 companies use the MBTI. It’s powerful! It has a profound impact on building trust, collaboration, professional development and employee engagement… all factors that ultimately impact the bottom line.


I already know my type.

Awesome! How do you use this information to help you to grow and be energized in your work and relationships? If you would like help recognizing where type is impacting your life and how you might leverage your understanding of type to increase your success, I’d be happy to explore that with you.



Bringing Type Into Your Homes


When I learned type theory, I couldn't help but bring it home and teach it to my husband and daughters. It has helped us in invaluable ways to understand and accept each other and the other people in our lives (friends, teachers, coaches, etc). I am not exaggerating when I say type comes up in conversation DAILY. Most recently, it has helped my daughters with dating and college/career decisions. I've had many clients want to introduce type to their families but felt they were not proficient enough to share it and/or figure out their spouses or child(ren)'s type. 


It is a privilege and a joy to share type with their families! For information about my process, click here...