Bringing Type Into Your Home


When I learned about type theory, I couldn't help but bring it home and teach it to my husband and daughters. It has helped us in invaluable ways to understand and accept each other and the other people in our lives (friends, teachers, coaches, etc). I am not exaggerating when I say type comes up in conversation daily. Most recently, it has helped my daughters with decisions about friends, class selections, college/career decisions, and even dating. I've had many clients want to introduce type to their families but felt they were not proficient enough to share it and/or figure out their spouses or child(ren)'s type. I'm always excited to help!


Good news: There is a type assessment tool for children ages 7-18 called the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Inventory for Children (MMTIC®). It was developed by MBTI master practitioners and trainers. In fact, I partner with the Center for Application of Psychological Type (CAPT) to deliver MMTIC debriefs to children all over the world. So much fun!


For more information about the MMTIC:


Start talking type with your family today! Contact me if you are interested in having your child(ren) go through this process.


Girl in Classroom



  • One online MMTIC assessment for your child.

  • A 45-minute individual feedback session with the child (parent may be present but does not participate in this part of session) followed by a 

  • A 30-minute consultation with parents on child's verified preferences, with suggestions for ways to work best with those preferences. 

  • A personalized MMTIC report.

  • An age-appropriate copy of the Exploring Personality Type workbook.

  • High schoolers also receive the MMTIC Career Report.


Cost: $150 

Happy Family Portrait



  • One online MBTI (for adults)/MMTIC (for children) assessment for each family member.

  • One personalized report for each family member.

  • One age-appropriate type booklet for each family member.

  • One two-hour debrief session to validate types, discuss how type is showing up within the family, and explore how knowing about type can help with relationships within and outside the family. 


Cost: $500 plus materials ($20 per child, $50 per adult)